The Process:

The logo design process starts with a discussion regarding your needs and goals for the logo design. You can create an inspiration idea board, send over designs you like or put together a collection on Pinterest of your tastes in color, style and design. I will not copy another design, but seeing work that you like helps me to visualize your style and create your unique logo. I also have a small questionnaire that clients can complete to help define their brand.

Logo Questions to consider:

• What is your full business name that you want included in the logo design?

• What type of service do you specialize in (products, services offered, etc.) ?

• What is the primary goal of this logo?

• Who is your target audience?

• Do you have any color preferences?

• Do you have any font/typeface preferences?

• Is there a certain “feel” you would like to portray?

• How do you envision your logo?

• How would you describe yourself/business/service?

• Any likes/dislikes when it comes to design, colors, etc…